Every community has the capacity to respond to life's challenges, to build a common vision, to act, and to adapt.

We call this a local response.

We stimulate and connect local responses around the world.

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Towards Ebola Competence 

We at the Constellation are concerned that at this stage fear for ebola worsens the spread of the virus and has greater negative impacts than the disease itself. We know from experience that communities have the capacity to spread competence to address issues of concern to them and we are convinced they can address ebola also, putting their own strengths at work. We propose to mobilise that capacity to the fullest to stop both the fear and the virus. Read More

To visit the page on Ebola Competence, Click here.

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 The Constellation is a Belgian NGO working around the world to stimulate and connect communities.






  View a Video by Jean Louis Lamboray:

2012-11-23 Jean Louis Lamboray from Axiom News on Vimeo.

 Jean Louis Lamboray, co-creator of a strengths-based approach to community development called Community Life Competence and co-founder of an organization, Constellation, a network of people and organizations delivering this approach, talks about his work. Thanks to Axiom news for this interview and allowing us to share.